Zoning Status Review

Ades Real Estate, with its experienced team, offers many services in the real estate sector as well as municipal inspection services. Municipal inspection procedures are evaluated in two different categories as real estate with and without buildings. For the real estates on which the building is located, the current zoning status of the real estate along with the zoning status at the date of construction and the building license given for the construction of the real estate at that date are examined.
Settlement means Building Permit and Building Use Permit. With the resettlement examination, if the real estate is re-evaluated except for its current situation, it can be learned which construction conditions can be evaluated as well as whether the real estate has been built in accordance with the license at the date of construction. The existence of fines and demolition decisions as a result of council decisions on real estate as a result of contradictory constructions is one of the most important risks that may occur when making investment decisions.
In real estate without buildings; the current zoning status of the real estate, altitude limits, withdrawal distances, free-of-charge leave to the public, the obligation of monotheism, the abandonment of green spaces and the approaching distances, military zone restrictions and the obligation of purchase. the real value of the real estate by considering the criteria.