Urban transformation

Urban transformation is the collective name of the improvement of the places that do not have a zoning plan or structured in contradiction with zoning plans in order to make the zoning planning activities suitable for the basic purposes and renew the old and degraded urban fabric. The aim of the state is to increase the quality of the stock of buildings in cities in order to create more livable and healthy urban spaces. The first objective of urban transformation is to transform the earthquake safety of the buildings to meet the requirements of the day. The immovable properties that will be converted into more livable buildings will have an additional real estate value.
Urban Transformation, which came into prominence with the Kartal Urban Transformation Project in 2006, presents us with various examples in every corner of the country, especially in Istanbul. We are at your service with our expert staff in the fields of Project Management, Building Inspection, Urban Transformation, Risk Detection, Criminal and Legal Expertise.
In our studies, the current and the value of the area to be converted as a result of the transformation, the current social situation in the transformed area and the social structure foreseen after the transformation, the efficiency analysis of the urban transformation in question, the analysis of the harmony of the transformation area with the environment and the effect of the transformation area, the project proposals to be developed, analysis and interpretation of the proposals, the fair distribution of the beneficiaries according to the goodwill factors of the flats in the new project to be built, and we support you in the process of urban transformation consultancy.